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IRCTC PNR Status Check

It is easy to check PNR STATUS online using this website. Enter your 10 digit pnr number and click "Get Pnr Status" button. You will get current status of your PNR number. 10 digit PNR Number can be found on the top left corner of your ticket. You can check IRCTC PNR Status of all zones.

What is Pnr ?

PNR(Passenger Name Record) is the 10 digit number used in computer reservation system that contains passenger information or group of passengers travelling. IRCTC PNR number is generated for online booking or booking made through Indian Railways Counter. PNR is of 10-digits unique number present on the top left corner of train ticket.

About Us

golivepnrstatus.in provides information on pnr status , live running trains ,rac/wl explanations and different tips for booking irctc train tickets.

PNR Status Explanation

CAN/MOD : It means your ticket has been cancelled. This will appear only after you have cancelled the ticket.
CNF : It means your seat/berth is Confirmed. The Couch and Berth number will be mentioned in the ticket itsef.
RAC : It means Reservation Against Cancellation. It means your seat is not confirmed yet but you will be having sitting facility.It means you have to share your seat with someone else.
WL : It means Waiting List. This status means you do not have any confirm berth or seating arrangement. Wait listing ticket passengers will be upgraded to RAC status or Confirmed status based on cancellation of RAC and confirmed tickets.
CK : This means that you have booked your ticket under Tatkal booking.Click here for Tatkal Booking Tips.
CKWL : This status means your ticket is in waiting list under the Tatkal booking.If tatkal waiting list ticket is confirmed, you will get confirmed berth, in general waiting WL if the ticket gets upgraded it moves into RAC
RL : Remote Location, this status means you have booked a ticket under Remote Location Quota.
RLWL : Remote Location Waiting List, you will get this status when all the tickets reserved for Remote Location are filled.
PQWL : This means Pooled Quota Waiting List.You will get this,when the Pooled Quota tickets are filled.
REGRET/WL: This means maximum booking has reached.No booking permitted.

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Pnr Status on SMS

Now PNR Status is available on your mobile phone through SMS facility. Below are some of the different ways to check PNR Status.
  • Sms PNR (Enter 10-digit PNR No) to 54959
  • Sms PNR (Enter 10-digit PNR No) to 5676747
  • Sms PNR (Enter 10-digit PNR No) to 57886
  • Sms PNR (Enter 10-digit PNR No) to 139
  • For Example : PNR 1234567890 and send it to any above mentioned numbers.